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Five reasons why we only take direct bookings

At Llama Travel, we prefer to sell our holidays directly to customers. That’s why you won’t find our brochure stocked at your local travel agent. Most of our customers find us online while searching for their dream holiday, and contact us by phone, email, or by submitting an enquiry form on our website. However, if you prefer to speak face-to-face with the person organising your holiday, we always welcome visitors to our Melbourne office.

Here are five good reasons why we prefer to sell direct:

  1. We can offer the lowest possible prices.  Since we don't need to factor in travel agents’ fees, we can offer your holiday at a lower price.
  2. We can get exactly the right holiday for you.  We advertise set itineraries, but can often adjust these to tailor things for you. We know where we can be flexible to design an itinerary that is perfect for you.
  3. We can react much quicker to your enquiry. As you will be dealing directly with the tour operator, you won’t have to wait for answers or availability requests.
  4. We know the destinations inside-out. We only sell Latin America, and we have spent years perfecting our tours and training our sales team in every detail, so we can provide all the essential information you need to know when planning your holiday.
  5. We enjoy getting to know our customers. It takes time and usually a number of conversations to put an ideal holiday together, so in the end we know your interests and preferences well, whether you like a room with a view, or want to try out a local activity that isn’t usually included in our standard tour. We can pass this information on to our suppliers in Latin America, resulting in a more personalised holiday.